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19 February 2015

RCF Update


CECOF - together with all other relevant stakeholder associations - have worked on a joint industry position paper on the socio-economic implications of Refractory Ceramic Fibres for inclusion on REACH Annex XIV

• The combined industry sectors using RCF products stand for more than 20 million employees and a combined turnover of more than € 1500 billion per year.

• RCF products are indispensable in modern industrial high temperature processes due to their unique combination of thermal and physical characteristics.

• Any potential human health risk related to RCF use is limited to occupational settings and no incremental respiratory disease has been observed in exposed workers after more than 60 years of production and use. There is no consumer exposure. Rather than causing environmental concerns, the use of RCF products is environmentally beneficial.

• RCF has been successfully substituted where technically and economically feasible. There are no viable substitutes for the remaining applications.


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